Typical SaaS company churns
18% of their annual revenue

from Internet sales

Your SaaS product delivers value and users are paying for it. You found a product-market fit. You have a rock solid management team. Your business model is working, but there is space to improve.

Given the time and effort you invested you can not afford to lose customers. On top of that you can't activate enough new ones.

Let's talk about facts. One of top 5 reasons SaaS businesses fail is when they face product problems.

Your product is created to solve a hard problem. But your user interface doesn't have to be that complex.

You are probably losing customers at each step of a SaaS funnel.

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Referral

By optimising user funnels you can drastically increase your bottom line.

I can help you by applying best practices for SaaS to your web app. That includes user interface improvements and tracking metrics. With data driven UI experiments we can improve customer lifetime value.

When UX is immaculate, users stick with the product. They know how to use it, hence activation is higher. They churn less because product solves their problem much easier. Together we can bring your product to a new level!

About me

I'm Tomislav Biscan, and I help SaaS companies increase user activation rates and reduce churn. I accomplish that through UI improvements with focus on targeted metric.

I have over a decade of expertise in building scalable web applications and excellent online experience.

I architected multiple projects with over million monthly visitors.

You will be joining dozens of happy customers:

  • Colm Hayden
    CTO at Anaeko
    Tomislav is a talented and efficient UI and UX developer with a great understanding of application design and product evolution. While working at Anaeko Tomislav designed and developed slick interfaces for several cloud applications and turned his hand to core programming and automated UI testing. He was an asset to the company and key player on all projects he worked on. Most importantly, Tomislav can be depended upon to deliver results and resolve issues in a timely and prioritised manner.

    I have no hesitations in recommending Tomislav for UI and UX development roles.
  • Denis Murphy
    CEO at Anaeko
    Tomislav successfully implemented several proof of concept projects with Anaeko and also worked on some established projects.

    He rapidly prototyped applications and iterated them accordingly to client's requirements. His role was bridging design and engineering and bringing ideas to usable and functional state.
    As a consultant he understood business objectives, had good communication with clients and fit well within the team.
  • Viktor Marohnic
    CEO at ShoutEm
    The state of the mobile app world infographic was a blast for ShoutEm.

    It was tweeted and shared for days and have generated ton of traffic to the website. These guys really know how to nail it.